Given to Give

Then the LORD asked him, “What is that in your hand?” Exodus 4:2

For as long as I knew myself, stage performances cause me to beam with excitement, to become Queen of my castle. I love speaking contests, poetry and dramatic prose, particularly when I have written them.

Until the last few years, I kept this passion hidden within the walls of my local church – much to the disapproval of several persons who would keep prodding me to enter national competitions such as NIFCA. I never felt called to do more at the time though. Maybe, I lacked the confidence to do so.

Eventually, I cast my light further at my office Christmas Party competition, making others laugh and winning a few top prizes in the process, while boosting my confidence. The last piece I performed at that particular company was called “Man Down”, a solemn piece in tribute to victims of domestic violence.

I remember the audience’s hush, during my performance then. I did not win that contest, but the impact of the piece was significant.

Not long after that, I wrote a speech to be delivered at a Toastmasters International Speaking Contest. That speech dealt with another topical and emotional subject… Child Abuse. Again, I could sense the audience drawn in by my message. No laughs, no cheers, I don’t even recall much of an applause at the end.

Yet, I won the speaking round.

At the conclusion of the contest, the Area Governor approached me and asked, “That was a wonderful speech, what are you doing with it to get the message out there?”

I fumbled. What did she mean? I was inspired to write a piece which would do well in a contest, but I honestly did not give much thought to doing anything else with it outside the realm of the contest.

That night, her question kept reverberating through my mind, as if God himself was speaking to me. Restless, I felt convicted to weigh all my efforts and endeavors. Were they accomplishing a greater good. Were they to serve others or merely myself. Were they just to get me through another round, or were they geared toward the ultimate prize of the high calling of God in Christ, the goal of every believer.

Abba Father, breathe a fresh perspective on us of the tools you have given us. Remove hindrances of unbelief and lack of confidence so that we can do more and reach more for your Glory.


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