Weigh it Before You Claim It

and find out what pleases the Lord.” – Ephesians 5:10

I’ve heard several persons – including Christians – comment on how Haiti would be one of the last places they’d travel to, especially for an extended time. The reasons vary from Haiti being too poor, too prone to natural disasters, too demonic with all of its voodoo practices, and too rebellious with a past seasoned heavily with revolts and civil uprisings. As I sat on the bed in my hotel room the last night of my first visit there, I reflected on the legitimacy of these “concerns”, before beginning to give God thanks for His favor in allowing me to visit the country. I prayed and my heart began to fill with the assurance of God’s Word that He indeed loved the world, including Haiti, and gave his Son for Haitians too!

Ironically, I was in Haiti at the time for a non-religious conference themed “Speak Life” and I felt so surely that instead of seeing and calling Haiti cursed and under God’s wrath, I needed to pray from a place of seeing that God has a plan for Haiti. Inspired by how God stirred the leaders during the time of the prophet Haggai who urged them to rebuild God’s temple, I prayed first for the political leaders of the country (along the lines shared in Praying Cynic).

I prayed for the social institutions and those working within them: schools, hospitals, clinics. I prayed for more business support to be formed that could take the many fledgling roadside businesses I saw, to the next level.

After lifting the “Zerubbabels” (government) before God, I interceded for the “Joshuas” (religious leaders) who work to build up the Kingdom of God in Haiti, that their faith be genuine and encouraged… that God would empower them to stand before Him on behalf of their land.

I’m uncertain what motivated the conceptualisers of that conference to theme it “Speak Life”… but it brought home the fact that as God’s Ambassador,I needed to be mindful of what “truths” I claimed as my own, particularly when they ran counter to God’s desired Truth for a person, country or situation.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, sometimes we so quickly assume the position of others on a matter, without first approaching You. While the counsel of others can be useful, help me to seek out Your heart’s desire and claim that as my own. Please strengthen my faith to believe the impossible!


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