Fundamentals of Prayer – Chapter 1 What is Prayer?

Feathers for Every Season is a devotional series meant to encourage persons to draw from what is going on in their environments and use this information to pray. In short, it helps you to see God’s world through his Word. Many times we see and read about things occurring in our communities, work places, at the level of government or in other parts of the world which leave us unsure of what our stance should be as Believers. If we are uncertain of that stance, our prayers will be shaky. Our Christian walk will also waver as the world attempts to pull us left and right, toward its way of thinking and operating. Prayer is a basic and fundamental discipline within the Christian life. And yet, it remains a struggle for too many believers… and for several reasons. One of those reasons is that we may not know what exactly is prayer and how we go about doing it. No No, you don’t need a college degree or millions of dollars to be able to pray. But Jesus Christ left us a pattern to follow. We will examine this pattern, referred to most commonly as “The Lord’s Prayer”. Of course, there is no end to literature available on the ins and outs of prayer. What I share with you is some simple thoughts God shared with me in 2010 as I was asked to demystify Prayer for a young believer in Christ.

So, to be begin…

What is Prayer?

Prayer is a two-way communication between you and our triune God. This means that you talk to God. It also means that you should listen to God for His response. He wants to say things to you as well. Remember, you are conversing directly with your Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ. We rely on Holy Spirit to empower us to pray God’s will.

Some believers may debate if we pray to the Godhead (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) or if we pray to just God the Father. This debate is not important as remembering that prayer is between you and God and not you and dead relatives, spirits, guardians angels, fairy godmothers and so on.

prayer is between you and God and not you and dead relatives, spirits, guardians angels, fairy godmothers…

Additionally, no where in the Scriptures are we called upon to pray to martyrs, saints, the Pope, a priest or even Mary, the mother of Jesus, as we see being practiced in Roman Catholicism. You do not need to build a physical altar, clutch a rosemary chain, kiss a cross or burn candles or incense in order to pray. You just need to have a conversation with God.


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