Has the Gospel Become Weak?

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes–the Jew first and also the Gentile. Romans 1:16

Last weekend Come Up Higher International held its end-of-year conference under the theme “2016… As Enoch Walked“.

It was well attended by repeat visitors as wells as those who would have been new comers to a CUH event. The empowerment sessions were facilitated by Evangelist Patricia Eversley and Reverend Antonio Corbin. Remarks were given by the organisation’s Chairman Dr. Cathy Rochester-Norville and awesome Worship conducted by Mary, Deborah, Margaret, Alison and yours truly, RuthMoisa.

And all of the above names and facts fade into obscurity when we consider the chief objective… to make the Good News of Jesus Christ known through various forms of communication, to uplift persons and encourage them the lead productive lives in the coming season.

I’d like to know that even if no one remembers my name or what song I sang, that something they heard that evening struck a cord, made them stop and think, allowed persons to get a breakthrough in an emotionally turbulent situation in their lives. I’d like to know that they left knowing that God – not man- made it happen.

The Gospel alone is enough to impact lives forcefully. The Gospel is the power of God at work.

Sadly, we are in an age where the blessings of technology, faster transportation, more material possessions and so on, can equally become hindrances to us presenting this Good News of Christ. We seem not to get excited anymore to hear a stirring message. We are even less thrilled to invite others to church so their faith can increase.

I was reminded of this recently after inviting a few persons to Christian events. It was hard for me to swallow the responses of some Christians (not atheists, not agnostics, not persons of other religious persuasions). One person in particular asked me for a professional biography of one of the preachers as she had never heard of him before. Another person asked me what the objectives and expected outcome of the event were.

I was puzzled at first but then grateful for the chance to examine my own motives for doing anything church-related.

Paul was pretty clear on the expected outcome of the Gospel, and so was every other New Testament writer. What do you expect when you attend Church? To be entertained? To walk away with a seven point plan to become a millionaire? To network? To avoid people asking questions about your absence? Or to see God’s power at work, saving, delivering, healing and restoring all who choose to believe the message of Christ.


No Gimmicks, no frills.

And even with all the best planning, an outcome determined by God and God alone.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…


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