Strange Fires on the Altar

You must not worship the Lord your God in their way, because in worshiping their gods, they do all kinds of detestable things the Lord hates. They even burn their sons and daughters in the fire as sacrifices to their gods. Deuteronomy 12:31

A few years ago when I first came across the young American Prophet Brian Carn, I thought, “Lord, keep this young man walking right before you, don’t let pride step in”.

His ministry was anointed (still is), he had a mark of humility and was not afraid to speak the testimony of Jesus Christ. I felt him to be a breath of fresh air in a time where the American Church seems more known for preaching prosperity than holiness, and where men speak more about what car they bought their wife than about what orphanage or soup kitchen they built.

This year, I watched him again after not following him for a while. I noticed something a little different. I wondered why he was now incorporating this “Sow a seed” component into his message. It saddened me a great deal because of what it represented to me.

In March he was smeared in this scandal  (see here as well) which swooped over social media and sparked awful comments primarily among leaders in the black Church and the black community. I read so much of what was said. There was hurt, so much anger, so much disappointment among people. Others like Evangelist Perry Stone provided a more balanced and sobering comment here .

Out of the experience, Carn extended an olive branch to his accusers and said that he has submitted himself to a local church. If this is truly so, may he be surrounded by his church and spiritual leaders. May he not beg to be love an accepted by a world that rejected Christ. Many want to call themselves prophets, but want to be loved and accepted by all.

That said, what I sensed strongly in my spirit as I was thinking about him and other young people like Manasseh Jordan who some would call a false prophet – is this.

The Church of America stands to be judged for prostituting its young, (spiritually) gifted men and women. Like those who earned a lot of money from their servant girl who had a spirit of divination, too many church leaders are looking for the next bright spark to parade on their TV shows and conference platforms. Sometimes they fail to even correct works of the flesh, turning a blind eye when money is coming in on account of these young ministers. If Carn was “caught”, what about the many others whose ministries are accountable to no one? What about the “untouchables”?

Please understand that when I speak of Brian Carn and Manasseh Jordan, I speak of all younger ministers. I am not calling them false, neither am I justifying all of their actions. The Commercialized Church of America will be judged, not for pastoring but  for “pimping” out its young. Like entertainers, many of these young men and women who are “covered” by many but submitted to no local church are depressed, into sexual perversion, are suicidal and jacked up because they crave the “love” we give them when they “entertain” us.

Prayer Heavenly Father, our attention is drawn to the gifted young men and women within our own churches. You have created them and have enabled them with what they need to fulfill  their earthy assignments. May we be able to say to them as Paul did, “follow me, as I follow the example of Christ”. May we teach them the value of service and submission to God and to those God has placed in authority over them. We repent for getting caught up in theatrics instead of preaching the free gospel of Jesus Christ. We repent for the times we have peddled the Word of God for profit. Teach us to honor you in all we do and say  both privately and publicly. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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