Fool’s Gold

Meditation: 1 Samuel 8, 2 Corinthians 4, Philippians 4:6

“Give us a king to lead us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight out battles”. Even though Israel was warned that this new king would oppress her, place her children in bondage and plunder her possessions, she still wanted to fit in. How sad, when God had called her out from the other nations to be a standard in the earth for justice and righteousness.

We too, faced with a barrage of distractions in this temporal world, are tempted to trade what cannot be seen but is of greatest value, for that which can be seen, touched, tasted, reasoned, and which will pass away.

Living each day by faith can be hard. I remember walking away from a job with nothing left to fall back on, except a promise that God would take care of me. As the weeks and months passed, I became so filled with anxiety that I would cry out to God for any job, just as long as I could get some money in my hands to take care of my responsibilities. At other times, I would treat God as if He was not enough for me. Choking on my own fear, I felt like God was moving too slow and I needed to rescue my own-self. So I would leave Him out of my job seeking efforts.

As women, we can sometimes express our frustration about God’s timing concerning our love life. We can get impatient when years pass and no husband is seen on the horizon. So to help God along, (as if an immortal God needs help from us!) we go about choosing our own mate. We seldom rely on the Holy Spirit at this point, but on our emotional desires to fit it with others we feel have attained success. We appear as crazy as Israel was, ignoring all the red flags of a miserable and broken relationship ahead. We just want a ‘king’ so that we can boast among the other ‘queens’.

Have you noticed that only merchandisers who peddle cheap goods and services compete for your attention by blaring advertisements offering flashy deals and discounts? The store owner of valuable treasure however, does not reach out to you. You must seek him out. He does not compete with others. He has no need to because those who discern how valuable his goods are will not need to be coerced into coming to him.

I see God as that store owner, standing far away from the advertisements of fool’s gold. Will we seek him out today? Will we trust that what He offers us is far better than what the world can give? Or will we lose heart, shrink back and grasp for the cheap trinkets that can be easily accessed but will cost us more pain in the long run?


Prayer: Lord, if I have rejected you in the life decisions I have made in an attempt to pursue temporary comfort and convenience, I repent today and ask your forgiveness. I turn my heart’s devotion back to you. Please strengthen me as I chase after your will for me. My path and destiny you have made, and you have called it good.


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