Be Storm-Ready

hurricane matthew
Image of Hurricane Matthew (2016) passing through the Caribbean Season

“and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire”. Rev 20:13-15

This week, Storm Matthew makes its way into the Caribbean Sea, but not before dumping showers on Barbados and dragging his winds through our trees. Officials were prepared, some thought too prepared, as the impact we were bracing for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning never materialised. The island was shut down for more than 24 hours. Schools were closed for two days. And although we knew days ahead that bad weather was approaching, many Barbadians still waited until the absolute last hour to stock up on petrol or food supplies.

Many of us thanked God for his mercies as the storm veered to the north of the island. Many more of us have never experienced the impact of a severe storm, the greatest in our recent history being Hurricane Janet in 1955. Perhaps it is the child in us that wants to see trees bending and rooftops flying (not ours course), that causes some of the remarks which typically follow when a storm misses us. I heard, “4” to 6″ of rain they told us… and I woke up with the place as hot as ever!”. I heard that the Met office was in cahoots with the business sector to trick us into thinking the storm was more serious than it really was, so that we would spend more money. And I was told (and this one really took the cake) that one woman called into a radio programme demanding that the Government tell her what she was supposed to do now with all the canned food stuff she had bought in preparation for a storm that never came! I wish I was making this up!

Folks, there is a greater event that is coming. It will not miss us and we must be prepared. I am talking about the return of our soon coming King, Jesus Christ! Though prophecy points to the time when his coming is imminent, no one knows the hour. Will we be ready?

And what if God calls us home (we die) before Christ’s return? Will we be ready? Reality is that not all of us will get the luxury of determining how our final hours are going to be. Not all of us will have time to do that last-minute thing we need to do to ensure we’re prepared to face death. So why wait for the rains to come? Why wait for the storm to come raging, only to find that you were not prepared and are now exposed to its battering? Hell is no party, my friend. Be storm-ready.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I be found a faithful steward of this life you have entrusted to me so that I will have no need to fear when you come or call me home. Amen.


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