About the Author

Encouraging and uplifting the weary and broken-hearted is at the core of who RuthMoisa Stoute is and desires to do in the Body of Christ. She is passionate about seeing believers moves from the fringes of their Christian faith, to being empowered to live Christ and make Him known, thus bringing the Church to spiritual maturity. RuthMoisa has been involved in Christian ministry both locally and internationally from as early as her teens, having served on youth outreach teams and as youth president, worship leader, prayer coordinator and assistant to the Church Administrator. This exposure has cemented in her a passion for global missions in which she believes everyone can play a role, be it by going, by praying or by sending financial and other types of resources. Her blog Feathers For Every Season, emphasises the need for believers to see God’s world through his Word and for us to pray and act accordingly to impact the culture around us. Her belief is that biblically-led lives are necessary for personal, familial, national and global impact through prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

RuthMoisa is a graduate of International Business and Languages from Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, and has a professional background in business, media and journalism. She currently owns and directs an editorial services and empowerment business called Moisa Communications, based in Barbados.

She is happily married to Rodny and serves faithfully on the leadership board of her church Household of Faith Ministries (Barbados) under the direction of Pastor Athelston Stephenson.



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